Current Students and Alumni

This page showcases the talented students and alumni of the Next Generation Scholars in Applied Mathematics. As this program is entering its second year in AY 2020-2021, there are no alumni yet. The first two cohorts of scholars are presented below. 

Brett Sargent

Brett Sargent / He, Him, His / Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics M.S.

I applied to the NextGen SAM program for a chance to expand my knowledge of the field of applied math and to gain a deeper understanding of how mathematics can be applied to important problems. Since joining the program, I have had the opportunity to participate in research and learn first-hand about the application of machine learning methods to real scientific problems. I have gained both a deeper theoretical understanding of many topics as well as experience applying this understanding to solving practical problems in science.

NextGen Scholar Greyson Shoop

Greyson Shoop/ He, Him, His/ Electrical Engineering

What I really appreciate about this program is it is giving me an opportunity to get research experience and put together a strong application for a Ph.D. program. I applied because it made going to graduate school now more realistic rather than going later on in life. Being the first in my family to pursue higher education the resources that Next Gen. SAM provides are invaluable. I don't know anything about being in graduate school, how any of this works or how to be successful in graduate school so I am so appreciative of all those involved in supporting us.

NextGen Scholar Kenzie Milhous

Kenzie Milhous/ She, Her, Hers/ Computer Engineering

I always knew I wanted to get my Master’s degree, but I was unsure about when, where, and in what area I wanted this degree to be in. When I had heard about the NextGen SAM Program, I knew that this would give me an opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in an area that complements my undergraduate degree so well. Not only this, but I was excited to be given the opportunity to go complete this program with a tight-knit group of driven hardworking students like myself. I can’t wait to start making the most of my experience in this program and build lasting relationships with my fellow scholars and outstanding professors!

NextGen Scholar Caelum Rodriguez

Caelum Rodriguez/ He, Him, His/ Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics

I applied for the NextGen SAM program because I had an interest in graduate school, but I wanted to get into the industry as fast as possible. Other master's programs would have not been financially possible for me to apply for, but the help from the NextGen SAM program made it possible for me. Also, the added advising team is very helpful for me, since having a dedicated support network helps when you're in a pinch, and also gives peace of mind to focus on studies. Similarly, being around other NextGen scholars is great, because you have easy access to a social group with similar interests and similar experiences to you.

NextGen Scholar Bryan Garcia

Bryan Garcia/ He, Him, His/ Mathematics

I decided to apply to the NextGen SAM program since I saw it would provide both the academic and financial support I felt I needed to comfortably complete my 4+1 SciCAM degree. I particularly enjoy how NextGen SAM provided me plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the AM faculty/grad-students and their research interests before even starting my graduate studies. This gave me the ability to hit the ground running with confidence once I started my 4+1 program.