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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events:

  • How to Apply to Graduate School: November 18th, 2021, 5-6pm
  • How to Get an Internship: December 2, 2021, 5-6pm

See the Career Center Events calendar for various professional training opportunities. 

Past events:

  • Meet and greet the new scholars, welcome back to UCSC: October 29th, 2020, 5-6pm
  • Grad school applications workshop: December 13th, 2020, 5-6pm. 
  • Searching for Jobs, February 1, 2021, at 2 pm


SAM news

We are very happy to welcome the new cohort of the Next Gen. SAM program:

  • Winson Chen (Computer Science)
  • Julian Lehrer (Computer Science)
  • Jason Johnstone (Physics)

See this page to learn more about them.

See this article from 2019 for more on the program and on our scholars.

The Next Gen. SAM program is funded by an NSF S-STEM grant. Read here for more information. 

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